My name is Chris Moon-Willems, founder of Relative Matters…

Chris Moon-Willems

Chris Moon-Willems

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you. You have probably stopped by because you are worried about an elderly relative. Perhaps they have been ill or had a fall or an accident. Maybe they or the person who cares for them are in hospital. Well you have come to the right place. I know how the system works from a professional and personal perspective as I enjoyed a long career in Social Services and the NHS and also became an ‘expert by experience’ from managing my elderly parents’ care.

  • Did you know Social Services won’t usually help you find the right care for your elderly loved one if they are not eligible for funding and have relatives who can help them?
  • Are you aware that Social Services only check if older people are receiving the care they need, if they are funding the placement?
  • Do you realise that most older people have to contribute towards the cost of their care and in an increasing number of cases have to pay for it in full?

Most people answer ‘no’ to all or most of these questions and are shocked and confused when they find out they are true.

So if your relative is:

  • Having to find and fund their care
  • Living a long way from you
  • Physically  frail and needing  help to manage personal care and daily living activities
  • In hospital, needing care arranged for them before they can be discharged

And if you are you feeling:

  • Overwhelmed and confused by the care system
  • Stressed from balancing the needs of your elderly loved one with other demands on your time
  • Confused about which care home or homecare service to choose
  • Puzzled by the different funding criteria for health and social care

Relative Matters can help

Relative Matters offers a personal, life-enhancing and attentive service for older people who fund their own care, doing it quicker and in a more personal way, with focus on hand-selecting highly personalised care solutions.  We provide a thorough, well researched and concise short list of care solutions, tailored to the individual’s needs and expectations. If you prefer, and have decided on a residential solution, we can  accompany your elderly loved one to choose the right care home for them and make all the arrangements on your behalf. We can also:

  • Negotiate preferential care fees
  • Identify potential funding and benefit entitlements

Relative Matters is truly independent. Choice is always based on our client’s best interests and not influenced by incentives from care or other service providers. We are completely motivated, enthused and inspired to meet your loved one’s needs and place every one of our clients at the centre of our service.