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Relative Matters is a team of experienced social care and occupational therapy consultants who support families and solicitors in West Sussex and the south of England with care and mental capacity assessments, care home choices, home care and care packages to maintain independent living. We are there to help you, or a legal guardian, during challenging times when you need professional advice and someone you can trust to find a person-centred care solution for a relative or family friend.

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Welcome to Relative Matters – my name is Chris Moon-Willems. I provide an independent consultancy of private care management and social work services for those later in life who require person-centred care.
Having enjoyed a long and successful career working for Social Services and the NHS, as well as managing the care for my elderly parents, my expertise is born entirely of experience.
You may have visited my website out of worry for an elderly relative and maybe are unsure about how to proceed and assess what options are available. Perhaps they’ve fallen ill, suffered an accident or taken a fall – or the person that looks after them is in hospital. I know how the system works from a professional and personal perspective and therefore I am uniquely placed to help in a way that puts your loved one first.

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Relative Matters offers a personal, life-enhancing and effective service for older people who fund their own care. We find solutions quickly whilst focusing on the need to maintain appropriate ‘hand-picked’ care down to the last detail. We provide a thorough, well-researched list of care solutions tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the individual.

Similarly if you have already decided on a care or nursing home, we can accompany your loved one to choose the right care home for them and make all the appropriate arrangements on your behalf. We aim to:

  • Identify potential funding and benefit entitlements
  • Negotiate preferential care fees

Relative Matters is truly independent. Choice is always based on our clients’ best interests and not influenced by incentives offered through care or service providers. We are completely motivated and inspired to place your loved one’s needs at the centre of our service.

Any service package we agree on will be fully detailed and priced – before any work is undertaken – so the terms of business are clear and unambiguous.

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