The differing levels of care in England have been revealed with the launch of a new interactive tool from Caring Homes, a UK care home provider. The tool uses data from over fifteen thousand checks, carried out by the CQC, to uncover the truth about standards of care in England.

CQC standards

The Care Quality Commission (CQC), a non-departmental government organisation, is responsible for regulating UK care in the following areas:

  • Care homes
  • Care given in your home
  • Dentists
  • Hospitals

The data used in the tool was sourced using these results via the Open Government Licence.

Key findings

Shropshire is crowned as the highest scoring county, with 94 per cent of its care homes passing CQC quality checks. On the other end of the scale, Nottinghamshire is exposed as the worst performing county, with 36 per cent of care homes failing inspections.

West Sussex

West Sussex was found have 288 care homes, which passed the CQC inspection, and 65 that haven’t, which gives it a 18 per cent pass rate. I was also one of top ten lowest scoring counties.

 The tool includes an interactive map element, which allows you to click on areas of England for a statistical report of care homes that have and have not passed CQC standards. The results include the county’s ranking, so you can make a rational judgement on the quality of care compared to other counties in England

Life expectancy and affluence

Astonishing results have also been revealed with the life expectancy and affluence elements of the tool. Surprisingly, those living in less affluent areas, such as Dorset, as more likely to live longer than those in better-off areas, such as Hertfordshire. In Dorset, where the mean salary is just £24,464, the average life expectancy is 85.3 years for females and 81.1 years for males. In Hertfordshire, where the mean salary is £33,831, males are expected to live to 80.4 years and females are expected to live to 83.8 years. In West Sussex  the average income is £26,453 and the average life expectancy is 81.6 years.

Simple search

The intuitive tool allows users to simply enter their chosen county into the search bar and uncover the truth about care in that area. The tool is likely to be used by those seeking care for loved ones who are looking for impartial advice. The simple elegance of the tool makes for fluid, intuitive searching where objective results are beautifully presented in seconds.