When you are younger it is easy to consider aging in a negative light. Typically the older generation are viewed as incompetent and frail and as we age we become more prone to illnesses.

However, there is a beauty in growing old – having passed all the difficult career and relationship decisions you can finally feel relaxed and enjoy the greater things in life – spending time with your loved ones or exploring new things. Many cultures treat growing old as a luxury and celebrate it with music and food. In Greek the word old is associated with honour and wisdom. We now live in a world where knowledge can be acquired from many sources, one obvious source being the internet but how valuable and resourceful can something on the internet be in comparison to the wisdom of someone who has lived through historical events that have shaped our society? old-people-beauty-care

In today’s world older people have found it increasingly difficult to have their voices heard. The aging population are the leaders of traditional society and hold a huge significance to their communities but this doesn’t resonate in modern society. In the UK there are 11 million people aged 65 or over in the UK. Age UK has stated that 60% of this 11 million agree that they face age discrimination.

As the life expectancy in the UK is heading towards 100 it is more likely that the older generation will face some sort of discrimination during their daily lives unless a change in perception happens within society.

Studies have shown that as we grow older our minds become sharper in a number of vitally important abilities. Also having experienced more events and emotional situations older individuals can often be better at giving advice in comparison to the younger generation.

Grandparents have a wealth of parenting experience which makes them an excellent choice of babysitter when parents are in need of one. Not only is this a positive experience for the child and the child’s parents, grandparents taking an active role in childcare are likely to have a reduced risk of dementia. This is something that is found often in Mediterranean countries where grandparents are active members in the childcare process. Many young individuals have a negative attitude towards growing old. Older people should hold a higher value in society as they can enrich modern society with wisdom, knowledge and past experiences. Ageing is a process we all have to go through and should therefore be embraced by the younger members of society. Isolating the older community doesn’t benefit anyone especially the older generation as it can lead to loneliness and alienation.

As Premier Bathrooms provide services targeted towards the older generation they wanted to encourage people to rethink how they perceive the older generation and realise how much value they hold in modern society

This post has been written by Rasida Begum