This great book about person centred care for older people is inspired by the lack of compassion and dignified care afforded to the author’s mother at the end of her life and a resultant burning desire to make a difference and improve the care of older people.

The book is aimed at staff who care for older people but is equally valuable for anyone who has an elderly loved one.

Amanda’s authenticity and passion for her subject shines throughout the book, which is full of inspirational quotes, and useful tips to help carers understand, communicate with and provide, personal care and social stimulation for people with dementia.balladofbobdylan_HB

The book is packed full of powerful, experiential learning exercises to help readers understand the older person’s perspective and gain insight into the kind of care environment they are and should be providing and the world of someone living with dementia.

I particularly enjoyed the meditation on compassion, seeing the importance of life histories for person centred quality of life plans highlighted and the section on supporting older people on their end of life journey.

This is a ‘must have’ book for staff, managers and owner’s of services supporting older people in care homes or in their own home. It also provides valuable reading for anyone who has an elderly relative or interest in the care of older people.

I love that this book is also available in Kindle for £9.12. All this good advice for under a tenner!

You can buy it from Amazon here