What people are saying about Relative Matters

“After weeks of getting the run-around from the NHS and waiting for care homes to return my calls I was at my wits end, but one call to Relative Matters and you were immediately on the case.  Within days my dad was out of hospital and into a wonderful care home. Your swiftness of action was extremely impressive and I would not hesitate to recommend Relative Matters to others.”
David Glover – Worthing
“Chris Moon-Willems has ultimately been appointed as my Attorney for my Health and Welfare.During this intricate process, she has acted at all times with the utmost competence, displayed comprehensive knowledge of the subject and professionalism, while not neglecting the personal touch.As a consequence I have full confidence that when the need arises I will be in good hands to be given appropriate care, support, respect and consideration, the situation will call for.I am therefore happy to commend Chris Moon-Willems to anyone who is in a position to take advantage of the services she offers in the field of long-term care and support of the elderly”
Royston Tin – Brighton
“We are delighted to have discovered Chris Moon-Willems and her company, Relative Matters. We have every confidence in both instructing her when we are Attorney or Deputy and recommending her directly to clients and their family. You can rely on Chris to go the extra mile in ensuring that the client is treated with dignity and respect and that their needs are the central consideration to any decisions that need to be faced. She offers practical experience and a caring professional manner that combine to provide confidence and reassurance for individual and families facing the distinct challenges of later life.”
Ian Macara Partner Private Client Division, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Elderly Clients, Tax, Trusts, Probate Bennett Griffin LLP
“We live in New Zealand and were concerned about my mother who lives in a care home in Lancing, West Sussex, as we were getting conflicting reports from my mother and the Manager of the Care Home and were recommended to Relative Matters by Mum’s solicitor. Following a care assessment, we received a report from Relative Matters that summed up my mother’s situation well and inspired confidence that she was happy at the care home and receiving appropriate care. We were impressed with a recommendation about her having an iPad so we could communicate with her via Skype and that she have a magnetic alert fitted to the door of her room to alert staff when she leaves, to mitigate the risk of her falling down the stairs. We were very happy with the service we received from Relative Matters and have requested they pop in and visit Mum every few weeks and let us know how she is and review her care needs as and when they change.”
Chris and Kathy Hunter – New Zealand
“Sometimes it isn’t that you don’t care …. it is that you don’t know. Relative Matters has provided me with information I couldn’t know  – about care, about personalities and facilities, about allowances and future plans. CMW has years of experience and I feel it was put at my disposal for the greater comfort of my sister and my own peace of mind. ‘Care’ is a little word with a big punch. Relative Matters cares.”
Anna Raeburn – London
“I would like to say that I am very happy with your management of my client’s situation, which has been far from straightforward. Your understanding of her special needs and your handling of the delays caused by the Local Authority have been comforting and I was confident to leave the practicalities of the move and her ongoing care plan in your capable hands. I have already recommended your services to colleagues and would be happy to pass your details to any clients and friends who may require your service.”
Karen Ball - Chartered Legal Executive Thomas Eggar LLP
"Relative matters were invaluable in the assistance given to us at a very difficult time in my Mum’s life.  They helped us to focus on choosing a suitable care home for her from a list we had made of over 12 possibilities.  It made what seemed a daunting and overwhelming task much more achievable.  We were delighted that Mum was happy with one of the homes recommended in the first couple of options, and that the home had a vacancy."
Jane Whitehead - Bognor/France
“In my role as an Attorney for a client who was in a nursing home in Worthing, I instructed Relative Matters to undertake a care assessment to see if they could make suggestions to improve her quality of life. Around the time of the assessment, her health began to deteriorate rapidly. There was no active family involvement and it was reassuring to know that Relative Matters were there to ensure my client had compassionate, dignified end of life care and to arrange a Continuing Health Care Assessment.”
Jo Edwards Associate Solicitor – BG Private Client Division Bennett Griffin LLP
“I had no idea how dad was going to pay for the help he needed following a stroke, as he was not eligible for NHS or social care funding. Chris showed me how, by claiming for the Attendance Allowance, employing his own care staff as opposed to a more expensive agency alternative and my brother and I alternating support for dad at weekends, the impact on his limited savings were considerably reduced and the carers we employed were amazing.”
Nicole Pickford – Guildford
“In the course of my work as a solicitor I found myself having to assist L, a lady I had known for some years who was increasingly unable to look after herself through a combination of ailments and progressive dementia. Her sister and I were granted power-of-attorney but we found it a difficult challenge to make sure that L was looked after in a home which would suit her needs. Chris Moon Willems of Relative Matters agreed to assist us by visiting L periodically to befriend her and check that she was happy and well cared for. Her reports to us showed that L’s care was not always what it should be, and when L’s deteriorating health meant a change of Home, Chris immediately got in touch with the hospital, re-evaluated L’s needs and advised where she should now live. She also dealt with practical matters such as collecting L’s belongings and taking them to the new home. What has impressed me about Chris’s work is that she has taken the time and trouble to get to know L and treat her as a human being and not just as a case or a ‘customer’. She has spent time visiting L  to find out those little things that will make her life more cheerful and comfortable and has been quick to point out any shortcomings in the care L has been receiving in a way which will help those responsible to improve that care. The reports I have received from Chris have been admirably straightforward and have provided me with the reassurance that the whole subject of L’s care is being properly reviewed by someone to whom it matters.”
Andrew Brooke Anderson – Longmore and Higham Solicitors
“Mum used to love gardening and cooking but since her dementia got worse, she hadn’t done either. Now she is supported to grow her own vegetables and to cook them. Relative Matters also saved Mum £100 a week in care fees. She is like a different person and to think her GP thought she needed to move into a care home. Thanks to Relative Matters she is happily being cared for at home.”
Fiona Colley - Lancing
“As the solicitor responsible for one of our clients, JW who lived in sheltered accommodation in Horsham, I received a call from her carer to say she had a fall and that her condition was deteriorating. I was recommended to Relative Matters and instructed them to assess the situation and make recommendations for meeting her care needs. Their assessment indicated that my client required 24-hour care and arranged for her to move into a care home for which they negotiated a reduced rate. They also recommended a Financial Advisor to ensure her placement at the home could be sustained for the duration of her life, applied for her to receive the higher rate Attendance Allowance and arranged for her flat to be cleared, cleaned and closed down. As a busy solicitor I was pleased to have support from professionals who understand elderly care. As my client’s funds were limited Relative Matters also saved her money.”
Udo Onwere Solicitor – Thomas Eggar LLP
“Mum and dad lived in Worthing, I was in Scotland – mum had Parkinson’s, dad was her main carer which worked well until he had to go into hospital.  Luckily I found Relative Matters and gave them a call. After asking me lots of questions during a visit to my parents home, they suggested that an option for mum could be to have a live-in carer until dad was well enough to look after her again and gave me a list of agencies that provide live-in carers. They also gave me details of an organisation that provides information about Parkinson’s disease, to help me understand more about the condition. Chris goes to see them for me and calls and tells me how they are doing. I cannot tell you have much I feel reassured by that.”
Robert Pinter – Haywards Heath
“I ‘met’ Chris Moon-Willems in a group on LinkedIn and she was immediately supportive when I shared the fact that I was finding it difficult being a carer for a relative with dementia. When I was getting frustrated with the powers that be and trying to find my way forward as to what to do next, Chris was generous with her time, attention and knowledge. She provided friendly, accessible, practical advice at a time when it was most needed. Thanks to her I feel I’ve regained some control of a perplexing situation and visualised my way forward. Chris strikes me as eminently warm-hearted and a perceptive pragmatic adviser. I cannot recommend her wise counsel highly enough.”
Zoe Parker
“I engaged Chris and Relative Matters to source an appropriate Care Home with nursing for my very elderly and frail mother. Relative Matters were excellent in finding the right care home according to the specification we had set out. Relative Matters also helped us with ensuring the NHS both assessed mum properly and complied with relevant legislation. I would heartily recommend Relative Matters.”
Martyn Yeats – Hove
“Chris from Relative Matters was worth her weight in gold to me when she helped me find a nursing home for my friend who was in hospital. She assessed my friend in hospital, advised me of the options and pitfalls, produced a short-list of suitable nursing homes for me to choose from, and finalised details when I had chosen the best one. Chris also checked my friend had settled in OK when I was away on holiday and sent me a text which was very reassuring”
Jill Bird – Worthing
Chris and her team are very approachable and have helped me and my clients on a number of occasions. Chris is exceptionally knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond to help. E.D. Bennett-Griffin LLP

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