About Chris Moon-Willems, specialist care consultant - Relative Matters

Relative Matters team office image

Chris Moon-Willems has extensive experience of working for the NHS, is a qualified Social Worker specialising in elderly care. She holds the Society of Later Life (SOLLA) Care Advice Standard and is a member of SOLLA and the Care Advice Network. Chris is also published author, public speaker, Fellow of the Centre for Welfare Reform and founder and owner of her own company, Relative Matters Ltd.

Relative Matters is an independent consultancy for people in later life offering private care management, occupational therapy and social work services.

Chris has the unique perspective of being able to see things from both sides as she managed the long-term care of her elderly parents for many years. This involved managing their care at home, transferring her mother, who had dementia, into a care home and moving into her parents’ home to provide end-of-life care for her father.

A small dedicated team of health and social care professionals assist Chris, and together they have an unprecedented knowledge of the care market. All Relative Matters consultants are professionally qualified, fully insured, adhere to data protection regulations and are public disclosure certified.