Benefits checklist and other payments (2017/18)

For most people funding the cost of their care home fees represents the second largest purchase of their lifetime, second only to a mortgage. The benefits and other payments to which older people are entitled will help towards affording the fees of their chosen care home or home care package.

Attendance Allowance

2017/18 rates Means tested Taxable
Higher rate £83.10 No No
Lower rate £55.65 No No
State Pension
Single Person £119.30 No Yes
Spouse/partner insurance £71.50 No Yes
Married couple £231.90 No Yes
Carer’s Allowance
£62.70 No Yes

Personal Independence Payment – Daily Living Component

Enhanced rate £83.10 Standard rate £55.65

Personal Independence Payment – Mobility Component

Higher rate.                                              £58.00                No                       No

Lower rate                                                £22.00                No                        No

Pension Credit

Single person £159.35 Yes No
Married couple £243.25 Yes No
Severe Disability Premium £62.45 Yes No
Capital Allowances (disregarded for pension credit)
Living at home £10,000 Yes N/A
Living in a care home £10,000 Yes N/A
NHS Funded Nursing Care £155.05 No No

Local Authority Support Thresholds in England

Lower limit £14,250

Upper limit £23,250

Personal Allowance £24.90

These benefits and Funded Nursing Care rates are accurate between April 2017-March 2018 and will be updated annually.

Other information about benefits and grants can be found at Benefits and Grants Available for OAPs