Dementia care service - Relative Matters Ltd, Worthing, West Sussex

Older woman smiles at a friend

Our experience in the field of dementia, is both professional and personal, which means we really do understand the daily challenges and different stages of living with and caring for someone with dementia.

The realisation that somebody you love is no longer able to fully look after themselves can be one of the hardest things to face and accept. We can help you through this extremely difficult period and provide specialist advice, guidance and support. We can also help you find good information, support groups and the most appropriate care for your loved one in their own home or within one with specialist care.

Finding extra time for a parent or relative whilst juggling a busy life can be difficult – but also very rewarding. It can even bring you closer together in a way that you never expected. Relative Matters offers a personal, attentive and supportive service for people living with dementia and their family, providing a thorough, well-researched list of care solutions that caters for your loved one’s needs, thereby freeing up your time.

Our approach to dementia

We specialise in supporting people to live well with dementia using a highly individualised approach, which focuses on the person and not their dementia.

Our starting point is:

  • An understanding of the life experiences of each individual with dementia
  • A recognition of their gifts, strengths and abilities
  • An understanding that the person with dementia is still an individual with his or her own life story, needs and preferences

The identity of your loved one as an individual is critical and we will work together with you to make sure this is preserved and respected.

Their life history is vitally important. Events and experiences from the past dramatically shape what people say and do and this history will significantly influence your loved one’s needs. In identifying and understanding their life history, we are in the best position possible to recognise how the person need to be supported in relation to their personal identity.

Of course, dementia does present challenges, but even in severe cases, people do retain some of their abilities to do things.

Our specialist service for older people living with dementia can include:

  • Detailed person-centred care profile so providers can personalise care
  • Biographical life-story work
  • Relationship-based dementia coaching for individuals and/or families
  • Search and set up of specialist care and support at home
  • Specialist care home search, selection and placement
  • Daily living skills training and activity planning using the PAL instrument