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Care Home Dilemma

A Dilemma for Care Homes

Anyone with a friend or family member in a care home over this turbulent past year has had to endure, more than most, the pain of being isolated from those they love. Residents in care homes have experienced a degree of isolation and separation from their own friends and families, that few of us can … Continue reading “A Dilemma for Care Homes”

Stair rods keeping stair carpets in place

How to modify stairs for safety

Worried about your relative’s safety and mobility at home, but don’t want them to have to lose their independence? Nick Acaster, from Stair Rods Direct, explains how you can modify your loved one’s staircase to make it safer for them. For people in later life, climbing and descending stairs can be quite challenging, with chronic … Continue reading “How to modify stairs for safety”

Later Life Planning

Later Life Planning – Choosing Later Life Planners (part 1) Death is an inevitable part of life and yet most people haven’t given it, or the related issues, any thought and end up making hasty and often bad decisions in a time of crisis. As an expert in elderly care, I often come across people, … Continue reading “Later Life Planning”

Lessons from a health crisis

My journey from an expert in elderly care to critically ill patient has and continues to be both challenging and informative and I thought I would share my learning with you. I hope you find my experience from ‘the other side’ helpful. Background After feeling fine and working, as usual, one morning, by the evening … Continue reading “Lessons from a health crisis”

Who Should Undertake Mental Capacity Assessments?

The increasing demand for mental capacity assessments Every case that goes to the court of protection requires a mental capacity assessment and the demand for quality assessments by the court is increasing. Indeed, the Court is now rejecting poorly conducted mental capacity assessments. In addition, Local Authorities may soon be barred from conducting assessment on … Continue reading “Who Should Undertake Mental Capacity Assessments?”

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A business lesson from work with clients and solicitors

The team at Relative Matters have a successful history and good reputation for supporting their clients in a person-centred manner, to achieve the goals identified by the client which are the most important to them. For example, this could be enabling a client to remain living within their own home with appropriate support, assisting them … Continue reading “A business lesson from work with clients and solicitors”

Person-Centred End of Life Care

Background Mrs Cook aged 93 was living life to the full. She enjoyed good health, lived independently and drove her car to various social activities, including circle dancing, short mat bowls and games of scrabble with her friends. Then, a few months ago everything changed. She was admitted to hospital with severe abdominal pain and … Continue reading “Person-Centred End of Life Care”

Person-centred care planning

Many professionals consider their practice is person centred but I often struggle to find evidence to support their claim. So what does being person centred mean and what does it look like? What Being Person-Centred Means There is no universally accepted definition. The key principle for being person centred is to support and empower people … Continue reading “Person-centred care planning”

Benefits checklist and other payments (2017/18)

For most people funding the cost of their care home fees represents the second largest purchase of their lifetime, second only to a mortgage. The benefits and other payments to which older people are entitled will help towards affording the fees of their chosen care home or home care package. Attendance Allowance 2017/18 rates Means … Continue reading “Benefits checklist and other payments (2017/18)”

Won’t listen or can’t hear?

Relative Matters were recently requested to review the care of an elderly lady in a nursing home. A care review involves a complete review of every aspect of a person’s life to ensure both their financial, physical, psychological wellbeing and religious/spiritual needs are met safely. Care Reviews It is often a complex piece of work … Continue reading “Won’t listen or can’t hear?”