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Signing a contract

Provision of LPA Certificate – Act as Certificate Provider

Relative Matters consultants have the relevant professional skills and qualifications required to qualify and act as Certificate Provider as set out in the LPA Guidance Notes LP12-Category B for both Financial and Health and Welfare. Relative Matters’ Consultants ensure that the donor has capacity in line with the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and associated guidance. This will involve a two-stage functional assessment to decide whether the Donor (the person making the LPA) has the capacity to make a particular decision.

In carrying out this assessment, Relative Matters consultants will ensure that the donor:

  • Understands the purpose of the LPA and the scope of the authority being given to the attorney/s
  • Understands what powers they are giving to their attorneys
  • Is not under any pressure, or duress, to make the LPA or have not been tricked into making it and
  • Confirms there is nothing else that would prevent a valid LPA from being created

COP3 Assessment of Capacity

  • Relative Matters will assess the client’s mental capacity in relation to the specific decision being requested by the Court of Protection. Relative Matters will assess capacity in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act (2005), adhere to associated guidance and complete the relevant paperwork.

Attending Best Interest Meetings

  • Relative Matters will attend Best Interest Meetings to advocate for the client on behalf of the Attorney or Deputy and provide comprehensive feedback.

Acting as Attorney for Health and Welfare LPA

  • Relative Matters will act as Attorney for Health and Welfare.

“Chris Moon-Willems has ultimately been appointed as my Attorney for my Health and Welfare. During this intricate process, she has acted at all times with the utmost competence, displayed comprehensive knowledge of the subject and professionalism, while not neglecting the personal touch. As a consequence, I have full confidence that when the need arises, I will be in good hands to be given appropriate care, support, respect and consideration, the situation will call for.”