How to Manage Incontinence When Travelling

Incontinence affects some older people (although it is not an inevitable part of ageing) If someone you know is challenged by continence, try these tips from Harman Direct will be helpful.

Toilet, Wc, Loo, Public Toilet, Cute, Funny, Woman, Man Managing it at the best of times can be tough but when you want to take a trip, go on holiday, attend a family event and so on, all of a sudden it can seem like too big a hurdle to jump.

The good news us that with a range of incontinence products at your fingertips and some of these top tips, you can manage incontinence when travelling, whether this is a shopping trip or a week long holiday in tropical climates…Male & female toilet signs

#1 The right incontinence products for the trip you have planned

If you are incontinent or are caring for someone that is, having the right incontinence products is simply a must. It makes the journey and experience far more pleasurable, but you will also be more confident too.

In most part, finding the right product for you is a trial and error basis. Many people feel happy with a pad, fixed inside their normal, everyday underwear. Other people, however, prefer an incontinent pant as they feel it is more secure, giving them confidence. Or, you may use the pant when sleeping as you feel more protected.

If you know you have a journey coming up, why not spend some time trying out various products to see how they feel, as well as their fit and how confident you feel using and wearing them? The key to confident travel is successfully and confidently managing your incontinence at home.

#2 Be well prepared

On one hand, being prepared could be squashing enough pads into your suitcase and hand luggage for the entire trip or for those with greater need, it may mean having more products to travel with.

Dependent on where you travelling to, you may feel confident that when you reach your destination that you can find and buy incontinence pads or pants that will suit you. However, in foreign climes, the availability of incontinence products may be less and thus, finding it difficult to buy incontinence products may mean you don’t enjoy the holiday or travel experience as much as you should.

The same is also true of additional products you may use such as personal wipes or intimate cleansing wash.

#3 Be aware of bathroom locations

This doesn’t mean poring over a map, noting every location of every public toilet on your journey but it doesn’t harm to know where restrooms and bathrooms are likely to be located.

  • Motorway service stations will frequently have a restroom
  • Garages will also sometimes have toilets but not all
  • Cafes, bars, restaurants and pubs will frequently have bathrooms too
  • Public toilets can be sparse in some cities, towns and villages in the UK and on the continent too
  • Train and bus stations will often have plenty of toilets, as do airports and other transport hubs

Having a sense of where you will find a bathroom can alleviate your embarrassment and help make the journey less stressful and uncomfortable.

#4 Stick with your routine

Travelling or a holiday is a chance to take in new places, kick back and enjoy yourself but this does not mean falling into ways that can increase your incontinence.

For example, you may know that drinking too much coffee or drinking excess alcohol can have a huge impact on your incontinence. You may also know that eating spicy food causes your bladder to become irritated and over active. When this is the case, suddenly indulging in these kinds of food and drink can instantly impact on your incontinence, making is more difficult to manage.

To enjoy your travels, stick to your routine when it comes to food and drink to keep your incontinence manageable.

#5 Invest a few pounds in a disabled toilet key

In the UK, there are many public disabled toilets that can be used IF you have a key to unlock them.

These public toilets are clean and bigger than the average cubicle, meaning you have more space to change your pad or pants in relatively comfort and with an increased level of privacy, something that many people with incontinence prize.

To buy a key that works in most disabled toilets costs only a few pounds. By having this key with you, if necessary, you can gain access quickly to a clean toilet. For those people who are carers, these toilets are invaluable as they are conveniently located and perfect for helping their client or spouse etc.

Managing incontinence takes some thought and preparation but you can manage it and have a great time!


Providing a range of incontinence pads, pants and products, HARTMANN Direct understands the need for quality products for those managing incontinence on a daily basis. With the right combination of product and exercise, incontinence is far more manageable.