Mental Capacity Assessment

When does one need a Mental Capacity Assessment?

As a person grows older and experiences life changes there comes a time when they may want to make or amend a Will, put arrangements in place to enable someone else to manage their affairs when they are unable to do so, by granting a Lasting Power of Attorney, or it may be time to apply for Deputyship.

Relative Matters can act as Certificate Provider, support applications for deputyship and undertake Mental Capacity Assessments, providing evidence-based written reports to substantiate the outcome of the assessment in line with statutory obligations, recommendations and practice, such as the Mental Capacity Act 2005, Banks vs Goodfellow or other applicable case law.

Mental Capacity Assessments can be carried out in the comfort of the person’s own home, or chosen venue at a time convenient to them.

All assessments are carried out by one of our professionally qualified Consultants who are experts in carrying out Mental Capacity Assessments.

In addition to having the necessary knowledge of legislation and the correct test to ensure a thorough and accurate assessment is completed, being health or social care professionals they have excellent communication skills and person-centred approach to ensure the correct information is obtained and communicated within assessments.

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