Stimulation for people with dementia

This guest post provides information about activities, games and excercises that provide stimulation for people living with dementia

Mental stimulation is important for older people generally and especially so for people living with dementia. This guest post provides  information about activities, games and excercises that provide stimulation. A dementia diagnosis can be overwhelming. People living with dementia sometimes find that the anxiety and depression that often comes with the condition causes them to withdraw from the friends, family, hobbies, and social or physical activities they once loved. Not only does this affect their quality of life, it has also been proven that a lack of mental stimulation can be bad news when it comes to cognitive decline as well. 45281480

In a study published by the Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago, test subjects were given frequent cognitive tests over a number of years as well as being quizzed on how often they took part in mentally stimulating activities. The participants who engaged in mentally stimulating activities more often were found to experience a rate of cognitive decline that was 15% slower than those who didn’t.

As we mentioned before, mental stimulation is also important when it comes to the quality of life of those living with dementia. Encouraging someone to reconnect with a favourite hobby or to join an activity group will help them to maintain their social life, avoid feelings of depression and isolation, and give them a sense of purpose.

The key for friends, family, and carers is to find mentally stimulating activities that are suited to the unique needs of people living with dementia. While a person may have enjoyed a particular hobby before their diagnosis, that hobby may no longer be viable as their condition progresses so it’s important to find similar activities that are both suitable for all stages of dementia and that exercise the same skills.

At Active Minds, we specialise in activities, games, puzzles, and exercises that have been crafted specially for people living with dementia. From art activities to Animal Bingo, our products are designed to allow people with dementia to continue enjoying their favourite hobbies in a way that is both fun and safe. Each product is carefully created to both entertain and stimulate at the same time, providing a crucial boost to cognitive function as well as supplying people with activities that can be enjoyed socially with friends or peacefully at home.

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